Shrinking Fetish

Posted on February 20, 2012

Hello Hypno Lovers

giantess phone sex

Jason had a shrinking fetish and had been reading about my ability to use erotic hypnosis to enhance their fantasies. So course he wanted to know if hypnosis phone sex would work for his shrinking fetish.

My answer?


Nothing quite like shrinking someone hypnotically. Using a little mind fucking to trick the mind into thinking your much smaller than you are. It worked great for Jason for I had him shrunk down and running around my high heels in moments. I did have to watch my every step so that I didnt crush him.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires aim:yim

Remember to book 30- 60 minutes for an erotic hypnosis phone sex call.

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Smoking Fetish

Posted on August 3, 2011

I totally have a smoking fetish, I have since I was little. Watching old black and white movies when I was younger was a favorite past time of mine. Those actors always made the bad stuff look sexy, right?

Young ladies flirting with men, having them light their cigarettes. I liked how the leading men always drank hard liquor and women wore gloves and hats. Nobody dresses like that anymore. Shiiiiiit, and it is hard to find a decent guy with a sexy cigarette lighter anymore, gosh I think Zippo lighters are sexy.

It’s no wonder that I dream about a shrinking man roleplay, where he is nice and thin and wrapped in pretty white paper with his head popping out the top. I can pull out just one of the 20 little white soldiers in my pack of smokes. Press his skull to my lips and light up. That first singe and puff of soft white smoke, gawd, I love love love that toasty aroma.

C’mere cutie, doncha wanna watch your smoking hot giantess light up your life?

Smoking Hot Giantess Phone Sex

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Giantess Crushing Phone Sex

Posted on June 8, 2011

Hey, babies, how y’all doing? Your black phone sex Goddess is doing real good. I got an idea for a li’l fantasy y’all might like, so listen up.

I know y’all love this BBW phone sex girl ’cause you know I’m good with your giantess fantasies. I’m used to always being taller and bigger than most folks, so it’s kind of a natural role for me, you know.

But sometimes, I like to take it a li’l bit further. Being a giantess is nice, but sometimes, I wanna do something besides using my li’l shrunken down men as a dildo. Because of my big size and strength, I can pretty much do anything I wanna do to y’all, you know.

I like the idea of crushing. Most of the time, I’d just do it with my feet, but they ain’t the only tools Mz Diamond’s got at her disposal. I can slowly squish you underneath my perfect ebony ass just like I can flatten you underneath my feet. I can also put you between my big ol’ titties, put one hand on each one of ‘em, and push ‘em together until they crushed you. There’s a lot of ways to do it.

If y’all have got a nasty giantess fantasy like that, y’all need to give Mz Diamond a call. The number is 1-888-662-6482 for some cheap phone sex with me.


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Giantess Phone Sex

Posted on April 26, 2011

Hi, guys! I’m Rory, the cute coed phone sex girl who specializes in teasing the shit out of all you dirty little boys out there.

I’m really interested in this whole giantess thing. It’s easy enough for me to control you when we’re both normal-sized. I can only imagine how easy it’d be to wrap you around my little finger if there were a big size difference there. Wrap you around my little finger, figuratively and literally.

I love teasing, so I’d take tease and denial to a whole ‘nother level with giantess phone sex.

I know you love my sexy body. You’d love to touch it, wouldn’t you? Too bad, though. You can’t reach anything but my feet and ankles, LOL! If you can’t get off on those, you’re just shit out of luck. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you ride around inside my bra or something. But only if I’m in a generous mood.

Give me, Rory, a call for some cheap phone sex!


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Roleplay PhoneSex

Posted on April 7, 2011

i am 5’8 with no shoes on, and i always thought for a tall girl fetish that was pretty tall. i have always been taller than most of the girls when i was growing up. hell i was even taller than most of the boys too. it was always fun to tease and i was kinda a bully with the boys. even if they were stronger than i was, i was always able to humiliate them because of my height. i really didnt like to abusive to the boys but they always treated me differently so i treated them differently too. and now with me in mid 20s i have the confidence to know that i am pretty awesome. and being tall is awesome too.

so when i date a guy that is taller than i am, i feel those same warm fuzzies like any other girl does. but its weird, its different because you tease me about my height. like, yea i am tall, for a girl. and you always hold that over my head, your height, how you are taller than i am. but its totally cool, i dont mind that you are 6’2 or even taller. i have a phone sex secret that you will soon find out about when we are making love.

our love making starts out innocently enough, its our first time together, our 5th date. you started off boringly enough, with the standard missionary position, but then you rolled me on top and that is when the transformation phone sex began. i could feel that wet tightness deep inside me, my thigh muscles began to twitch. i was riding you, slowly, you wanted to watch my so called short sexy body climb and flex on top of you. slowly i began to grow. you didnt notice until my tits were fuller, more round. your hands on my hips, they weren’t so strong like your hands were before. you reached for my mouth and kissed the bottom of my chin. my arms slowly extended out, longer than yours, holding you down under me. my wet pussy was now grinding into your sternum, you seemed so strong and virile before, and now. now you are smaller. why do you look so surprised, you wanted an amazon woman didnt you?

as my orgasms begin to slow down, and my heart is back at a normal pace, you hear me exhale and i am your tall girl fetish again. i am tall for a girl, duhhhhh.

AIM: LucysDelights
YIM: Lucy.Delight
Tall Girl Fetish

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Giantess Phone Sex

Posted on March 30, 2011

Hey, babies, how y’all doing? Mz Diamond is here to talk to y’all today about some giantess phone sex.

See, I’ve always been a BBW phone sex girl, so I’m used to being bigger and stronger than y’all men. Usually, I’m a lot taller than y’all, too. And for the ones of y’all I’m not taller than, all I gotta do is put on some high heels, and I just tower over you.

So since I’m used to always being bigger, then giantess roleplays are real easy for me. I love a man who’s into macrophilia.

Some of y’all want me to bigger than y’all, so you can ride around in my purse or in my shoe or in my bra and get close to my big ol’ titties. Some of y’all wanna be close to my feet ’cause you have a foot fetish, or maybe you’re into crushing.

Now, crushing, that’s interesting. I sorta like the idea of being able to smash a man with my foot like most women would smash a bug or whatever.

And some of y’all just want a giantess for facesitting, so you can’t escape out from under my ass. Sometimes, y’all are into being smothered by a big girl, too.

Don’t matter what it is, baby. If you got a fetish, Mz Diamond wants to play it out with you. So pick up your phone and call me right now for some cheap phone sex.


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Fantasy Phone Sex

Posted on March 3, 2011

you stand next to me, try to hold my hand and i give your hand a squeeze. i really love a sensual phone sex scene and i know you know that i love being wooed, i want you to win over my affections.

the heat of your hand caressing my thigh is really starting to turn me on.

even as you begin kissing up my arm and you nuzzle the crook of my neck, i can feel that familiar tingle, ya know and my heart begins to beat faster. you give me a deep luscious kiss, and you notice that i taste like, cinnamon and sugar, how odd you think. i always kiss with my eyes open, and i can see the puzzled look on your face. I already know what is going to happen next. you feel a tingle too. you loved my contagious giggle when you were placing kisses one at a time up my wrist, over my inset of my forearm…… and for some reason you just seem to not be able to reach. up. my. shoulder. why?

Oh, i forgot to tell you one little thing, something magikal happens to me when i am turned on. Giantess Fantasy Phone Sex, you really didnt know what you were getting into did you when you asked me out on a date.
Giantess Fetish
hee hee, but you know what, i tend to grown on people.

AIM: LucysDelights YIM: Lucy.Delight
Giantess Phone Sex

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Giantess Crushing Phone Sex

Posted on February 26, 2011


Hiya! So, I’ve spent this weekend taking your fetish phone sex calls. And boy have I had some interesting calls.

Well, the call first started out as what I thought was going to be just a foot worship call. He was asking about my high heels and telling me how wonderful they were once I told him about ‘em. But I soon found out that he wanted to watch me do high heel trampling.

Of course, I started off with something simple–an egg. The yolk splattered everywhere. Next I got out several kiwis and walked all over ‘em. *giggles* I was really getting into this by this point. So, I told him to lay down and let me walk across him.

And you know, he let me! *Giggles* I walked all over his body, even his balls. I crushed those tiny little things. He really enjoy our crushing phone sex session and so did I. It was rocking fun!!!!

So if you would like to get crushed by this dirty schoolgirll pick up your phone and call 1-888-662-6482 for giantess phone sex.


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Vore Phone Sex

Posted on October 8, 2010


I am a carnivore. Where most MY of friends have opted to venture into a vegan lifestyle I hunger and thirst for meat. I make no apologies for it. I think nothing of it of ordering up a blue rare steak in front of vegans and have them cringe at the site of the blood on my plate. I suppose MY vegan friends would gag at the idea of a VORE PHONE SEX call. Where you are the one being served up on MY plate. Bon Appetite!


I am available for VORE FETISH or SHRINKING PHONE SEX calls in the evenings.

FetishDomina is MY aim and yahoo use wisely.

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Smoking Hot Giantess

Posted on March 17, 2010

hey there cheap phone sex lovers
there is nothing sexier than a tall girl fetish. ya know, because so many people LOOK UP to pretty people like models and sports people. so its no wonder that a simple chik like me gets lotsa attention. but dude, c’mon, who are we kidding, when you have me as a date, the cards start to get stacked against you.

and ya know, maybe not even cards, more like telephone books so you can stand on them and ALMOST be as tall as i am. ha ha ha, no way, not as tall as a Giantess.

ok short stack, yea you are cute, super down to earth, lol, any more down and i might have a harder time seeing you way DOWN there.
so you climb up like a gagillion telephone books, and you think you are like, what, my equal? and no, wrong again short stack. dude, the minute i whipped out my pack of bitch sticks, super long, super bright white and ultra slim, and you see smoke escaping out my nostrils like a chimney…. ha ha ha, you know who you have as your date now short stack?

A Smoking Hot Giantess.

open yer mouth sweety, i need an ashtray. ;-)

Smokey Kisses,
AIM: lucysdelights
Smoking Hot Giantess Phone Sex

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